1940_ ‘jio’ chairs by Otto Schulz

1944_ ‘the Clam’ chair by Philip Arctander

1947_ rocking chair by Joaquim Tenreiro

1949_ ‘tripod’ chair by JOSEPH ANDRE MOTTE

1946_ ‘Town and Country’ Salt and pepper shakers by Eva Zeisel, for Red Wingc, better known as the ‘Shmoo’

1944_ chair model no. NV-44 by FINN JUHL

1947_ Chaise Lounge Rocking Chair by Joaquim Tenreiro, Brazil

1949_ OLIVETTI SUMMA 15 CALCULATOR by Marcello Nizzoli

1947_ coffee table designed by Greta Magnusson Grossman for Barker Brothers, Los Angeles

1947_ table lamp by greta magnusson grossman

1940_ pottery by eva zeisel

1949_ CHAIR Model SE 42 by Egon Eiermann

1947_ ‘Dornstab 18′ floor lamp designed by J.T.Kalmar & A. Pöll

1940_ unique cabinet by GIO PONTI AND PIERO FORNASETTI

1948_ lamp ‘Model 103′ by gino sarfatti

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