1965_ Lamp sculpture by André Borderie

1970_ Bench by GEOFFREY D. HARCOURT for Artifort

1964_ “Giova” table lamp by Gae Aulenti for Fontana Arte

1964_ ‘Karuselli’ armchair by YRJÖ KUKKAPURO

1933_ armchair 401 by alvar aalto interpreted now by Hella Jongerius for Artek

1930_ ‘mannequin’ by René Herbst

1940_ ‘jio’ chairs by Otto Schulz

1944_ ‘the Clam’ chair by Philip Arctander

1923_’Bird in Space’ by Constantin Brancusi

1952_ ‘Den Gravide And’ (Pregnant Duck) by Henning Koppel

1965_ ‘stokke’ chair by jENS H. QUISTGAARD

1960_ Chair Designed By Vilhelm Wohlert and manufactured by P jeppesen

1955_ ‘Medea’ Desk Chair by Vittorio Nobili

1939_ Lounge Chair by Flavio de Carvalho

1956_ ‘Marshmallow’ Sofa by George Nelson & Irving Harper for Herman Miller

1970_ A brass patchwork sofa by Paul Evans


1955_ chairs designed by Fritz Neth

1983_ ‘Contrappunto XIV’ sculpture by Fausto Melotti

1970_ ‘Namoradeira’ tete-a-tete rocker by José Zanine Caldas

1950_ ‘caviona’ wood chair by Martin Eisler

1958_ Woodlin-Hall Interlace nesting tables

1947_ rocking chair by Joaquim Tenreiro

1971_ lamp by Jean-Pierre Garrault and Henri Delord, Edition CHABRIERES

1954_ ‘projecteur 165’ by Le Corbusier, edited by Nemo-Cassina

1919-1927_ collages by GEORGES VANTONGERLOO

1930_ centre table by BORIS LACROIX and MARCEL GOUPY

1960_ ‘ox’ chair de hans wegner

1959_ Armchair ‘Model 1001’ designed by Sven Ivar Dysthe

1970_ stoneware by HANS COPER

2001_ mirror ‘le collier’ by Janette Laverrière

1960_ calender designed by HERMÈS

1970_ chaise longue by Emiel Veranneman

1930_ Chaise Longue designed by René Herbst

1962_ vanity cabinet by JOSEPH ANDRÉ MOTTE

1965_ table lamp designed by Angelo Brotto for Esperia

1950_ Tables ‘Boomerang’ by Willy Van Der Meeren

1951_ armchair by Gio Ponti and Piero Fornasetti

1950_ chest of drawers by a student of Egon Eiermann

1927_ spherical vase by BORIS LACROIX

2003_ rocking chair by enzo mari

1930_ vase oblong by JEAN LUCE

1950_ Floor lamp by rispal

1950_ chair ‘SE 68’ by Egon Eiermann


1950_ mirror, ‘large’ model by gio ponti

1976_ ʺSHUʺ TABLE LAMP by joe colombo

1930_ nickel plated brass lamp designed by ROBERT MALLET-STEVENS

1978_ TABLE LAMP ‘MELILLA’ designed by Vico MAGISTRETTI and produced by O’Luce

1965_ lamp designed by Marco Zanuso for Oluce

1950_ CEILING LIGHT produced by Arredoluce

1966_ ʺSCIUKOʺ LAMP designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo CASTIGLIONI and produced by Flos

1955_ PAIR OF WALL LIGHTS ‘211’ designed by Gino SARFATTI and manufactured by Arteluce

1958_ ARMCHAIR ‘CM 197’ designed by Pierre PAULIN and manufactured by Thonet

1955_ lounge chair, model ‘Madame’, designed by Fritz Neth for Correcta

1950_ Wall clock pottery by KIENZLE

1930_ Lounge chair made by the ‘Halliburton Company’

1951_ SIDE CHAIR ‘MODEL 658’ designed by ROBIN DAY


1970_ stainless steel mirror by Michel Boyer


1950_ ‘ATOMIC’ COAT HANGER inspired in JOAN MIRO

1952_ shelving system HOME OF MEXICO by Charlotte Perriand

1953_ Vase ‘molaire’ by Georges Jouve

1951_ floor lamp by BERNARD SCHOTTLANDER

1955_ lamp designed by Willy Van Der Meerenetand Jean Stuyvaert, and edited by Tubax

1950_ Serving trolley by Cees Braakman

1962_ ‘RZ62’ easy chair by Dieter Rams

1954_ ‘Lettera 22’, portable typewriter by Marcello nizzoli, ING. C. Olivetti&C, Ivrea

1950_ mirror ‘sun’ by Line Vautrin

1965_ ‘Tulipan Christal’ Chandelier by J.T. Kalmar

1960_ ‘nid d’abeilles’ pendant lamp by JULES WABBES

1950_ Incredible Sputnik lamp

Italian design brand Arper is to relaunch a limited edition version of a bowl-shaped chair designed by late Modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1951

1960_ glazed earthenware designed by André Borderiecoupe

1950_ Writing desk by Helmut Magg for WK, Germany.


1954_ ‘nagasaki’ chair by mathieu matégot

1970_ table designed by gabriella crespi

1962_ coffee table by André Borderie

1955_ wall mounted lamp designed by Wim Rietveld for Gispen

1955_ Lounge Chair ‘Krysset’ by Fredrik Kayser

1951_ ‘Domus’ chair by Ilmari Tapiovaara for Knoll USA

1949_ ‘tripod’ chair by JOSEPH ANDRE MOTTE

1935_ ‘bonaparte’ armchair by eileen gray

1962_ rare table lamp model no 594 by gino sarfatti

1951_ floor lamp by PIERRE GUARICHE for Disderot France

1967_ ‘boborelax’ sofa designed by cini boeri

1950_ Rocking Chair by Arthur Umanoff

1950_ lampe by Louis Christian Kalff, Manufacturer Philips | NL


1950_ glazed ceramic table lamp by ANDRE-ALETH MASSON

1971_ table lamp, model 606, designed by gino sarfatti, manufactured by Arteluce

1934_ Pair of armchairs by Jean Royère

1963_ ‘facet’ pendant lamp by Louis Weisdorf, manufactured by Lyfa Ballerup Denmark.

1928_ lamp designed by Jean PERZEL

2013_ ‘drop’ lamp by patrick naggar

2011_ ‘Muffin’ Lamps by Dan Yeffet & Lucie Koldova for Brokis

1972_ Dining area Paulin by pierre paulin in Palace Elysée in paris

1961_ ‘Kremlin Bells’ doble decanter by Kaj Franck

2001_ ‘La commune’, tribute to Louise Michel, by Janette Laverrière

1950_ ‘hillestack’ chair by robin day and manufactured by hille


1964_ Paros model L by enzo mari

1970_ stoneware by hans coper

1946_ ‘Town and Country’ Salt and pepper shakers by Eva Zeisel, for Red Wingc, better known as the ‘Shmoo’

1983_ chair ‘Sedia Jacarè’ by Gabriella Crespi

1960_ wall divider in wengé by Jules Wabbes

1958_ ‘Venice Biennale’ Floor Lamp by Flavio Poli

1925_ table lamp by Gerrit Rietveld

1958_ wall divider by Eva Zeisel for Mancioli

1944_ chair model no. NV-44 by FINN JUHL

1950_ ‘tête à lumière’ glazed earthenware designed by André Borderie

1964_ ‘ombelles’ mirror by Line Vautrin

1880_ Rocking Chair by michael thonet

1926_ ‘non conformist’ armchair designed by eileen gray

1954_ Rolling Bar By Mathieu Mategot

1950_ ‘Farfalle’ dining table by Piero Fornasetti

1950_ Lighting bracket, model 155cm by Jean PROUVE

1980_ Lamp ‘Chapeau chinois’ by Janette Laverrière

1976_ ‘ellisse’ coffee table by Gabriella Crespi

1920_ Drawers with a graphic from Charles Loupot by Valentine

1950_ ‘Zodiaco’ floor fan by San Giorgio, Italy

1958_ ‘chandelier’ lamp by gino sarfatti

2012_ seats designed by muller van severen

1976_ ‘circle’ chair by Jorgen Hovelskov

1953_ ‘Honeycomb’ sconces designed by Jules Wabbes and manufactured by Laiton, Belgium

1947_ Chaise Lounge Rocking Chair by Joaquim Tenreiro, Brazil

1949_ OLIVETTI SUMMA 15 CALCULATOR by Marcello Nizzoli

1955_ table lamp by Louis Christian Kalff, Philips

1952_ reclining chair by robin day

1930_ Table lamp designed by Boris Lacroix

1960_ floor lamp by Angelo Lelli

1947_ coffee table designed by Greta Magnusson Grossman for Barker Brothers, Los Angeles

1957_ armchair ‘Diagramma’ designed by Ignazio Gardella

1960_ armchair ‘San Luca’ by Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, fabricated first by Gavina, then Knoll International until1969 and then Bernini from 1990

1947_ table lamp by greta magnusson grossman

1940_ pottery by eva zeisel


1954_ counterbalance ceiling lamp designed by ANGELO LELLI, manufactured by Arredoluce

1984_ morgans’ chair by andrée putman for emeco

1960_ Polished Chrome & Leather Lounge Chairs by michel boyer

1964_ chairs 3002, ‘Comfort’ Collection, by ANTOINE PHILIPPON & JACQUELINE LECOQ. Edition Les Huchers Minvielle

1959_ ‘Bamboo basket’ chair by isamu noguchi

2012_ aura lights by LADIES & GENTLEMEN STUDIO

1949_ CHAIR Model SE 42 by Egon Eiermann

1960_ Vintage Dumbell Table Lamp by Enzo Mari

1934_ Thonet armchairs produced by SIDAM -ateliers de Stéphane Jasinski-

1968_ ‘Braun TFG 1’ Permanent table lighter designed by Reinhold Weiss

2012_ chair ‘project’ designed by Afteroom

1950_ Rare pair easy chairs model 141 designed by French top designer Joseph Andre Motte for Artifort

1960_ Small bar cart, lacquered iron. unknown

1947_ ‘Dornstab 18’ floor lamp designed by J.T.Kalmar & A. Pöll

1955_ glass works by Per Lütken for Holmegaard Glass Factory

2011_ PORCELAIN LAMP by WM/Design studio

1958_ ‘DAA’ chair designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller

1926_ ‘Rivoli’ table by eileen gray. Gate-leg tea and cake serving table at E1027

1955_ chairs Model RH-304 designed by Robert Haussmann, by de Sede

1960_ three-legged table designed by Jacques Quinet

2012_ ‘jorge’ magazine rack designed by GAUZAK for QUATTRIA

1970_ ‘Symetrical’ rocking armchair by Jean-Michel Sanejou

1950_ elements in glazed clay by André Borderie

1957_ Vase ‘Galet’ by GEORGES JOUVE

2013_ ‘guillotine’ chair from Tessa Collection by David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem

1940_ unique cabinet by GIO PONTI AND PIERO FORNASETTI

1972_ ‘strips’ sofa by cini boeri

1966_ ‘asmara’ modular sectional sofa by Bernard Govin, edition Ligne Roset

1967_ ‘montreal’ table designed by Olivier Mourgue for the French pavilion at the World Expo, Montreal

1953_ ‘Satellite’ lamp by mathieu matégot

1950_ Contour rocking chair and ottoman by Vladimir Kagan

1984_ bathroom of Morgans Hotel, NYC, by Andrée Putman

1965_ chairs designed by Wim den Boon

1950_ Chaise lounge in caviona wood designed by Joaquim Tenreiro for a private commission in the Flamengo neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1957_ ‘lemon’ chairs by JANINE ABRAHAM & DIRK JAN ROL

1955_ Petite Bedside Table lamps by Gino Sarfati for Arteluce

1975_ ‘Autoprogettazione’ table by enzo mari

1956_ ceiling light designed by Aage Herlow for St. Michaelis church in Fredericia. Small edition by Fog & Mörup

1956_ ‘Butterfly’ Stool in plywood bended by sori yanagi

1965_ ‘Turbo’ pendant lamp by Louis Weisdorf, manufactured by Lyfa Ballerup Denmark.

1951_ Akari Light Sculptures by Isamu Noguchi. Fabricated by hand in Shoji paper

1948_ lamp ‘Model 103’ by gino sarfatti

1930_ Ball suspension light with frosted glass panes and American glass in a lead framework, designed by Jean Perzel

1930_ Faceted ball chandelier, designed by Jean Perzel

2013_ ‘Lily Pad’ Tables by Gabriella Kiss and Chris Lehrecke

2013_ ‘icarus’ chair by patrick naggar in bronze

1962_ ceramic design by ÉLISABETH JOULIA, by Magen H Gallery

1968_ wall lamp art deco in bronze by JULES WABBES. Galery Jean-Jacques Dutko.

1962_ stool model harp designed by Jørgen Høvelskov and fabricated by Jørgen Christensen.

1948_ chair ‘Tripé’ by lina bo bardi

1949_ Chandelier by Franco Buzzi produced by Oluce

1951_ chair ‘OEUF’ by JEAN ROJÈRE

1960_ Gilt bronze nesting tables by Maison Bagués

1950_ dining chairs designed by Robin Day

1950_ Armchairs by Gianfranco Frattini

2004_ pedestals by chris lehrecke

1949_ Folding chair by Hans Wegner

1954_ structure in black lacquered metal and wood pivot table, designed by Jean Prouvé

1955_ armchair by Hans Bellmann from Collection Sitwell

1960_ ‘revolt’ chairs by friso kramer

1964_ architect chairs by Friso Kramer

1950_ chair for an amphitheater by JEAN PROUVÉ

1950_ Three Shade Chandelier by Almari Mauri for Itsu

1955_ glass works designed by Flavio Poli for Seguso Vetri D’Arte Italy

1934_ modernist armchairs produced by SIDAM – ateliers de Stéphane Jasinski-

1958_ Telephone unit by marcello nizzoli and Mario Oliveri for SAFNAT

2007_ ‘Nenuphar 279’ table by herve van der straeten

1968_ armchairs model ‘Osaka’ designed by Emiel Veranneman

2012_ log bowls by Doha Chebib Lindskoog for Loyalloot

1960_ wardrobe designed by CHARLOTTE PERRIAND

1970_ lamp by michel boyer

1934_ ‘zigzag’ chair by Gerrit Rietveld

1954_ ‘GA’ Chair by Hans Bellmann

1948_ “Tripod” chair by lina bo bardi

1951_ ARMCHAIR ‘Visiteur type Tropique n°351’ by jean prouve

1957_ Executive Chairs by Eero Saarinen with Wood Legs for Knoll International

1947_ Bubble table lamp designed by George Nelson

1927_ ‘Paimio’ Wall Lamp No.7239 by alvar Aalto, placed in each room

1949_ armchair model FJ49A by Finn Juhl produced by Niels Vodder

1959_ Sven Ivar Dysthes sofa serien 1001 produced by Dokka Møbler – Norway.


1971_ Elysee light table by Pierre Paulin

1956_ ‘Barwagen’ by Herbert Hirche

2002_ ‘isola greca’, a new wood version for ‘aura’ by enzo mari

1942_ Chair ‘C’ by Marcel Gascoin and manufactured by ARHEC

1964_ ‘Paros’ designed by Enzo Mari

1972_ desk chair series AR designed by Alain Richard

1949_ ‘CH 24’ CHAIR, also known by ‘Y CHAIR’ or ‘WHISBONE’ designed by Hans Wegner

1958_ Rocking Chair model 599 by Fredrik Kayser

1955_ glazed ceramic by GEORGES JOUVE

1959_ ‘Holmekollen’ lounge chair designed by Arne Tidemann Ruud

1950_ Early brass Arredoluce Triennale floor lamp by Gino Sarfatti for Arredolce

1955_ Pendant light designed by Bernard Stern for Rotaflex

1989_ stair for the mall ‘le bon marché’ in paris designed by andrée putman

1953_ ‘bird chair’ fabric design by marian mahler, manufactured by david whitehead

1956_ Bench ‘Marcoule’ by jean Prouvé

1950_ Heifetz / Rotoflex Pendant Light designed by ARP (Atelier de Recherches Plastiques)

1965_ bench by PIERRE jeanneret designed for the University of Penjab Science Block, Chandigarh, India

1951_ fabric designs by Lucienne Day

1960_ ‘A6’ Chair Salon des Arts Ménager by joseph-andré motte

1950_ Lounge chair by Møre Lenestolfabrikk

1940_ Charlotte Perriand and Japon

1970_ ‘Boalum Lamp’ by Gianfranco Frattini and Livio Castiglioni

2013_ ‘loft 2401’ chair by shelly shelly

1954_ Pair of chairs by Hans Bellmann

1955_ longue chair ‘Dolphin’ by Ilmari Tapiovaara for Skanno

1964_ lounge chair “locus solus” by gae aulenti

1954_ armchair ‘tokyo’ by CHARLOTTE PERRIAND

1952_ Standing Lamp by Jean-Pierre Vincent

1960_ Accolay lamp by accolay pottery

1954_ coffee table by Greta Magnusson Grossman

1968_ Adjustable plastic table lamp designed by cini boeri for arteluce

1952_ three panel folding screen in walnut and metal Designed by Greta Magnusson Grossman for Glenn of California

1955_ ‘Maija’ Table Lamp by Tapiovaara

1921_ lamp GRAS nº 207, by Bernard- Albin Gras (DCW)

1969_ olivetti by ettore sottsass

1929_ armchair by Anton Lorenz for DESTA

1969_ pendat lamp model no.2130 by Gino Sarfatti for arteluce


2012_ ‘minuscule’ chair by cecilia manz for fritz hansen

1960_ colored glass sconces by Fontana Arte designed by Max Ingrand

1954_ ‘Kongo’ chair by Ilmari Tapiovaara for Asko

1935_ chair designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for Metz en Zo

1955_ armchairs designed by Joseph-André Motte

1956_ DINING CHAIRS designed by Gérard GUERMONPREZ

1951_ dinning chairs designed for the ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL ORCHESTRA by Robin & Lucienne day

1953_ armchair 660 by Pierre GUARICHE

1920_ Vintage Early Industrial Copper and Cast Iron Floor Lamp

2013_ ‘elephant’ rocking chair by Neuland, Paster & Geldmacher studio by kristalia

2011_ ‘Mari Thirteen’, an edition of Mari’s autoprogettazione chair, Sedia 1, by Jonathan Monk



The design calls for 13 pieces of wood, so Monk used thirteen different types of wood, none of them pine: Koto, Padouk, Ash, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Pearwood, Wengé, Afzelia, Ovang, Mahagony, Birch and American Nutwood.

1974_ ‘SEDIA 1’ CHAIR by Enzo Mari for Artek

1951_ ‘Egg’ Chairs, model no.813 by Ico & Luisa Parisi

1950_ Shelving system with integrated bar designed by Osvaldo Borsani manufactured by Adriano di Spilimbergo

1951_ chair ‘Bowl’ designed by Lina Bo Bardi


1925_ armchair designed by Maurice Dufrene

1956_ design fabrics by lucienne day

1930_ Art Deco Lamp by Jean Perzel

2013_ ‘Catch’ chair by Jaime Hayón for &tradition.

1966_ Nest of tables, Model 783, Designed by Gianfranco Frattini for Cassina

1859_ Chair Model No.14 by Michael Thonet

1977_ the theatre chair ‘PK5’, by POUL KJÆRHOLM, developed for Østre Gasværk

1947_ ‘bubble lamps’ line by george nelson for howard miller


GN never named the different lamps designs.

1962_ polypropilene chair by robin day and manufactured by Hille

1960_ armchairs by jean royere

1963_ chair designed by Marcel Gascoin

1963_ A pair of Harp chairs designed by Jørgen Høvelskov and produced by Christensen & Larsen,

1947_ dole deluxe dispenser for coca cola by raymond loewy

1936_ armchair ‘400’ designed by alvar aalto

1951_ table lamp model ‘551’ by gino sarfatti

1968_ ‘Eiermann’ Screen Designed by Egon Eiermann

1950_ Three arm floor lamp by Gino Sarfatti

1958_ ‘HF1’ TV-set designed by Herbert Hirche

1935_ ‘PH5’ Lamp by Poul Henningsen

1951_ ‘lady’ chair by marco zanuso

1955_ stackable table ‘AIR FRANCE’ by CHARLOTTE PERRIAND

2013_ lamps made of waste material from local factories by Gothenburg studio Design Stories and recycling workshop Returhuset

1951_ Chair ‘NV- 51’ by finn juhl

1922_ Eileen Gray Screen in laquered wood

1956_ Wall Lamp ‘Eyes’ by Serge Mouille

1933_ PH1-1 Lamp by Poul Henningsen

1948_ ‘scissor’ chair by pierre jeanneret

1930_ lamp ‘GRAS-RAVEL’ by Didier TEISSONNIERE

1955_ ‘la pedrera’ ABC table lamp designed by Barba corsini


1965_ Executive chair designed by Charles Pollock for Knoll International, USA

1953_ ‘Model 137’ sofa, also called the “Japanese Sofa”, designed by Finn Juhl for France & Daverkosen

1958_ Set of four drawers by arne jacobsen, from the Royal Hotel for SAS, Copenhagen

1955_ table lamp by Mauri Almari manufactured by idman

2013_ ‘OK’ lamp by Konstantin Grcic for Flos

2008_ ‘Liza’ lamp by Andrée Putman, designed for the first ’boutique hotel’, the Morgans Hotel in New York

1958_ armchair byR.CHARROY edited by mobilor

1948_ ‘Visiteur FV 22’ or ‘Kangourou’ armchair by Jean PROUVé

1950_ ‘double cobra’ table lamp by GRETA MAGNUSSON GROSSMAN

1958_ ‘tongue’ chair by arne jacobsen for Fritz Hansen

1964_ ‘Sling’ Three-Seater Sofa by George Nelson and Manufactured by Herman Miller

1958_ ‘PH artichoke’ by poul henningsen, produced by Poulsen

1954_ ‘exporter’ by Ulm hfg, edited by braun

2013_ ‘top-heavy’ chairs by Claesson Koivisto Rune edited by Tacchini

1968_ Hand made and blown glass with the technique Bolle by Tapio Wirkkala

1978_ ‘Rio’ Chaise Longue by Oscar Niemeyer



A classic, timeless piece, the Rio chaise was designed in collaboration with his daughter Anna Maria Niemeyer in 1978 and is made from curved compressed laminated wood lacquered in black with Brazilian artisan wicker work.

1947_ ‘suora’ floor lamp by carlo mollino

1968_ ‘cobra’ lamp by elio martinelli and manufactured by martinelli luce

1955_ ‘provence’ by Per Lütken for Holmegaard Glass Factory

1950_ chair designed by carlo mollino

1950_ table lamp model 259 by Gino Sarfatti

1951_ sofa NV 53/2 by finn juhl

1964_ ‘locus solus’ floor light by gae aulenti

1930_ umbrella stand by Robert Mallet-Stevens

1953_ lounge chair model NV-53 by Niels Vodder

1950_ office lamp model ‘A 704’ by Alvar Aalto & Aino Aalto design, collection Bischofberger

1955_ ‘Maija Mehiläinen’ table lamp by ilmari tapiovaara manufactured by asko

1955_ Maija Mehiläinen pendant lamp by ilmari tapiovaara first manufactured by Asko and after by santa&cole

1970_ ‘Uchiwa Fan’ Lamps by ingo maurer

1950_ coat rack by osvaldo borsani from casa baroni, milan

1955_ Pair of lounge chairs from the High Court, Chandigarh, by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

2011_ ‘Spacebook’ designed by Erwan Peron

2010_ ‘vertigo’ lamp by Costance Guisset for PETIT FRITURE

1957_ stool by Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen

2011_ light tray designed by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik, Manufactured by Asplund

1957_ Pk80 designed by Poul Kjaerholm

1969_ ‘Moon’ lamp, model no. 604 by Gino Sarfatti for arteluce

1967_ pio manzù_ arm chair for la Rinascente

1971_ ‘serpentone’ sofa by cini boeri

1950_ scissor wall lamp by Vittoriano Viganò

1997_ ‘vega’ chair by artifort

1960_ ‘Hase BL’ lamp designed by J.T. Kalmar and edited by Kalmar Werkstätten

1953_ lounge chair model NV-53 by Niels Vodder

1955_ ‘ANA’ PENDANT LAMP by Barba Corsini and joaquim ruiz millet

2000_ ceramics by kajsa Cramer

1940_ Chaise longue wooden folding chair transformable chair by Charlotte Perriand

2005_ maison guerlain by andrée putman

1950_ “GE 250” Rare Easy Chair by Hans Wegner for Getama

1953_ table by Jacques HITIER and Edited by TUBAUTO

1950_ Hans Bellmann Three-Legged Coffee Table for DOMUS

1950_ writing desk by marcel gascoin

1953_ lounge chair by herbert hirche manufactured by richard lampert

2006 _ ANDRÉE PUTMAN reinterpreted the classic ‘Steamer bag “of Louis Vuitton

1949_ chair Model ‘SE 42’ by Egon Eiermann


1934_ deck chair ‘pernilla’ by bruno mathsson

1953_ ‘Barceloneta’ armchair by Federico Correa & Alfonso Milá

1966_ ‘Cronotime’ clock designed by Pio Manzù produced by Ritz-Italora and finally Alessi

1999_ ‘bell’ lamp designed by jasper startup, manufactured by gervasoni

1970_ ‘Parentesi’ Lamp by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù, production by Flos

1960_ Trombone commute with screens of copper by jo Hammerborg and Produced by Fog & Mørup

1953_ ‘Guéridon’ de cafétéria with pietement in lacquered aluminum in bleu by jean prouvé

1949_ chair ‘ch25’ BY hans wegner

1955_Serie 7 swing by Arne Jacobsen for Louis Vuitton

1954_ ceiling light by angelo lelli, Manufacturer Arredoluce, Monza, Italy

1972_ ‘Pileino’ floor lamp by gae aulenti



Emeco, the manufacturer behind the iconic aluminum Navy chair (designed for it’s strength and lightness on Naval ships!), has teamed up with the Coca-Cola Company to produce the new 111 Navy Chair. The chair’s name is derived from the fact that plastic from approximately 111 soda bottles is used to make the chair. That equates to the potential recycling of three million bottles per year!

1950_ LOUNGE CHAIRS BY Jacques Adnet

1925-2013_ Andrée Putman_


“Unless you have a feeling for that secret knowledge that modest things can be more beautiful than anything expensive, you will never have style”

1965_ radio Giradischi Brionvega RR126 by Fratelli Castiglioni

1923_ SKYLIGHT DESIGN FOR Villa Noailles built by Robert Mallet-Stevens

1926_ Architectural Cabinet by eileen gray for E1027 house

1953_ Armchair ‘D.153.1’ by Gio Ponti for house in Via Dezza, Milan reissued by Molteni fabrics Ribelli by Gio Ponti IN 2012

1953_ Pair of ‘Diamond’ Lounge Chairs by Gio Ponti FOR VILLA planchart

1952_ Writing desk EB02 and SB03 chair with birch plywood bent legs designed by Cees Braakman for UMS Pastoe Utrecht

1962_ ‘PH CONTRAST’ LAMP BY Poul Henningsen PRODUCED BY Louis Poulsen

1950_ arteluce floor lamp

1935_ ‘quartz’ lamp by Quarzlampen-Gessellschaft m.b.H. Manufacturer

1954_ ‘Tonneau’ chair by Pierre Guariche for Steiner

1962_ coiffeuse by Rene Jean Caillette

1980_ ‘minibox’ lamp by gae aulenti and achille castiglioni

1960_ Satellite Mirror by Eileen Gray



Created for her home in the south of France, 1927. This mirror is a later reissue by Echart International, Circa 1960.

1930_ French Industrial CHAIRS BY Robert Mallet-Stevens



This collection dates from the ’30s, as evidenced by the promotional materials of the mineral water company VALS-QUEEN of the 1935 season, in the spa town of Vals-les-Bains.

1886_1945_ Robert Mallet-Stevens

1930_ office lamp by Robert Mallet-Stevens

1944_ ‘1006 navy chair’ by emeco for the U.S. Navy

1964_ Multi-level Lounger BY VERNER PANTON

1954_ D70 reversible seat sofa By osvaldo borsani

1953_ ‘Japan chair’ – A Pair of Finn Juhl Model 137 Japan Lounge Chairs in Teak + Brass

1952_ harry bertoia´S side chair in paley park

1947_ ‘domus’ chair BY Ilmari Tapiovara, ManufactureD BY Artek


1952_ ‘diamond’ chair BY HARRY BERTOIA

1952_ harry bertoia´S side chair in paley park

1952_ Harry Bertoia in a Bird Chair and diamond chair in the back

2000_ Tinted lens table BY McCollin Bryan

1953_ 834 Cicognino, THREE LEGGED TABLE DESIGNED BY Franco Albini

1929_ ARMCHAIR ‘BIBENDUM’, BY eileen gray FOR e-1027 HOUSE

1967_ ‘King Sun’ table lamp, model #4045/5 BY gae aulenti


1957_ ‘ORIENT’ pendant light by Jo Hammerborg, edited by fog & morup

1957_ ‘ORIENT’ pendant light by Jo Hammerborg, edited by fog & morup

1957_ ‘UNICORN’ CHAIRS BY ERNEST RACE for the British pavilion at the Brussels World’s fair in 1958

1968_ ‘SEMI’ LAMP DESIGNED BY Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup


1963_ Custom stereo cabinet BY Craig Ellwood at Rosen House

1960_ Jos De Mey modern office desk, manufacturer Van den Berghe-Pauvers

1960_ Jos De Mey modern office desk, manufacturer Van den Berghe-Pauvers

1950_ Turning trays by FINN JUHL

1962_ ‘Toio’ Uplighter BY Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

1962_ ‘Toio’ Uplighter BY Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni


1960_ table lamp by gino sarfatti

1959_ ‘SPANISH’ CHAIR BY Borge Mogensen

1959_ ‘SPANISH’ CHAIR BY Borge Mogensen

1927_’MR10′ chair by ludwig mies van der rohe & lilly reich

1942_ copper chair & ottoman BY WALTER LAMB


Visit the interior of the home of Danish designer Finn Juhl

1951_ Rolling step-ladder BY Jean Prouvé

1925_ first multi-shade lamp BY Poul Henningsen



1982_ ‘Trefle’ Folding Chair BY Rene Jean Caillette

1930_ ‘LD22’ CHAIR BY Anton Lorenz


1928_ ‘LC2 Grand Confort’ ARMCHAIR BY Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand & Pierre Jeanneret

1971_ Wall or ceiling lamp in painted metal Designed BY cini boeri

1938_ ‘BKF’ chair designed by the Austral Group_BKF-Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy




1950_ Wall mounted teak sideboard by Finn Juhl

1950_ table lamp by gino sarfatti

1950_ wall sofa by finn juhl

1959_ Hans G. Conrad braun pavillion at frankfurt Radio exhibition

speedy bag by louis vuitton

1966_ ‘Fresnel’ Wall or Ceiling Lamp by joe colombo

1950_ three pendants lamps ‘Bilberry’ A338 by alvar aalto. Originally designed for Maison Carré, Bazoches-Sur-Gugonne

1950_ three pendants ‘Bilberry’ A338 lamps by alvar aalto. Originally designed for Maison Carré, Bazoches-Sur-Gugonne

1928_’B35′ armchair by marcel breuer

1968_ table lamp Arredoluce designed by Angelo Lelli

1980_ table lamp ‘Mini Box Stilnovo’ by Gae Aulenti and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni


1957_ stool designed by Tove and Edvard Kindt-Larsen



1946_ “LIDO” deck chairs from Lido Swimming Club, Switzerland, by Battista and Gino Giudici

1958_ prototype rotin chair by jean réne caillette. awarded the silver medal at the Triennale du Milan

1953_ ‘p40’ adjustable lounge chair by osvaldo borsani, for Techno Italy

1953_ ‘p40’ adjustable lounge chair by osvaldo borsani, for Techno Italy

1956_ ‘Kosmos’ side chair by Augusto Bozzi for Saporiti

1965_ ‘Pipistrello’ table lamp by Gae Aulenti

1965_ ‘Pipistrello’ table lamp by Gae Aulenti

1950_ armchair by franco albini and franca helg

1950_ armchair by franco albini and franca helg

1990_ ‘nuala’ lamp by renaud bonzon


the Nuala lamp base is manufactured from laminated wood. This is the only laminated wood lamp base known till now with such a large-scale.
Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen.

1952_ airing system by jean prouvé

1940_ jacques adnet coat hook

1941_ ‘Poeten’ sofa by Finn Juhl

2012_ dimmable brass table lamp designed by david chipperfield for wästberg

1954_ aluminium ‘tonneau’ chair by pierre Guariche for steiner meubles

1960_ lamp ‘CP-1’ by Charlotte Perriand

1954_ chair by Pierre guariche, model ‘tonneau’ edited by steiner

1954_ chair by Pierre guariche, model tonneau” edited by steiner

1950_ ‘hunting’ chair by Børge Mogensen made by Erhard Rasmussen

1950_ table lamp by angelo lelli for Arredoluce

1958_ ‘the drop’ chair by Arne Jacobsen

1950_ sculptural floor lamp named Praying Mantis by j. Rispal

1955_ ‘PK22’ chair by Paul Kjaerholm

1968_ Table Lamp ‘model 541’ by Antonio Macchi for Cassia

1952_ ‘Lilla Kraal’ chairs by Kerstin Hörlin Holmquist

1953_ ‘Chandelier’ lighting by Gino Sarfatti

1970_ ‘topo’ lighting by joe colombo

1950_ mirror On wheels by Jaques Adnet

1929_ tamara de lempicka studio designed by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens

1927_ MR 20 chair by ludwig mies van der rohe and lilly reich

1925_ tamara de lempicka self-portrait on the green bugatti

1958_ Cherner armChair poster by Norman Cherner

1958_ Cherner armChair by Norman Cherner

1958_ Cherner armChair by Norman Cherner

1952_ pretzel chair detail by george nelson

1952_ pretzel chair by george nelson

1950_ Freestanding wall with “tree window” by constantino nivola

1928_ ‘screen’ in wood black laquered, silver leaf and composite decoration by eileen gray

1954_ Alvar Aalto Ceiling Lamp model A330 by Alvar & Aino Aalto

1962_ Doney portable TV by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper

1962_ Doney portable TV by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper

1964_ Algol 11 – portable TV by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper

1960_ pair sconces model 237/3 designed by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce

1949_ the round chair by hans wegner known as kennedy chair

1949_ the round chair by hans wegner

1949_ the round chair by hans wegner _pp503

1955_ detail of Screen in Bent sheet steel and perforated sheet aluminum by Jean Prouvé

1955_ Screen in Bent sheet steel and perforated sheet aluminum by Jean Prouvé

1958_ Eve chair and Fig Leaf ottoman by Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist

1969_ “Giunone” Floor Light by Vico Magistretti

1964_ Braun television (FS 80) by Dieter Rams

1939_ ‘Reclining Chair’ by Jean Prouvé & Jules Leleu

2011_ celine boston bag

40’s_ finn juhl

1965_ floor lamp Arte by gio ponti

1965_ floor lamp Arte by gio ponti

1927_ table extensible by charlotte perriand and swivel chair B302-LC7 by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret

1967_ “Coupe wall lamp” by joe colombo for O-Luce

1957_ Hanging chair by NANNA & JØRGEN DITZEL

1967_ “Coupe floor lamps 3321” by joe colombo for O-Luce

1967_ “lamp Coupé 2202” designed by Joe Colombo

1956_ Rocking chair, model no. PS16 by Franco Albini

1963_ ‘CH07 Shell Chair’ by hans wegner

1965_ radio ‘rr227 skyscraper’ by marco zanuso for brionvega

1952_ ‘waikiki lounges model c4720’ by walter lamb

1955_ ‘FJ side board’ by Finn juhl for bovisrke.

1959_ TP 1 Radio/Phono Combo by Dieter Rams

1950_ pair of armchairs by Franco Campo and Carlo Graffi

1950_ light fixture desined by le corbusier for the Cite Universitaire de Paris, Maison du Cambodge, Paris

1959_ ‘The Tre Pezzi’ armchair designed by Franco Albini

1949_ ‘Swing jib’ lamp by Jean Prouvé for a School in Bouqueval, France

1945_ Lounge Chair Prototype molded plywood and rubber designed by Eames

2011_ ‘farmhouse chair’ by Gaurav Nanda for bend seating

1940_ Jacques Adnet Coat Rack

1958_ Garden of Eden sofa by Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist

1984_ ‘san carlo’ sofa and armchair by Achille Castiglioni by Diadre. Re-edition by Tacchini 2010

1969_ Plastic lamp, model “Dalú”, executed in melamine, design Vico Magistretti

2000_ work lamp designed by Form us with love

1964_ Armchair by Gio Ponti

1958_ L 2 speaker by dieter rams

1972_ lampadina table lamp by achille castiglioni

1932_ Marcel Breuer, Chaise Longue No. 313

1958_ PH Artichoke Lamp by Poul Henningsen

1972_ pileino lamp by gae aulenti

1946_ WALTER LAMB dining chairs


1988_ “Gaivota” rocking chair by Renaud Bonzon

1950_ Rare Lounge Chair with Ottoman by Gio Ponti

1950_ Jacques Adnet Style Woven Rattan Hoop Chair

1937_ American Modern tablewares by russel wright

1952_ Métropole N°306 chair, Bent sheet steel, steel tube, molded plywood and imitation leather by Jean prouvé

1950_ Demountable chair “CB22” in Metal and wood by Jean Prouvé

1947_ Demountable chair “CB22” in aluminium by Jean Prouvé

1929_ Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at Barcelona international Exposition

2009_ FLOW chair by Jean-Marie Massaud for MDF italia.

1957_ paulistano chair by paulo mendes da rocha

1951_ armchair by Franco Campo and Carlo Graffi

1961_ audio T 52 by Dieter Rams for BRaun

1961_ audio T 52 by Dieter Rams for BRaun

1940_ Chaise Longue Tokyo by Charlotte perriand

1966_ kelly bag by hermés

1929_ Easy Chair LC1 by Le corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and charlotte Perriand

1948_ Métropole Visiteur FV12 armchair by jean prouvè

1928_ Chaise Longue B306 by Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

1948_ ROSS COFFE TABLE by finn juhl for professor Alf Ross

1958_ Chair ”Stor Eva” for Nordiska Kompaniets Verkstader Nykoping Sweden by Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist

1950_ Modernist table lamp n° 407 by Jacques Adnet.

1948_ Charles and Ray Eames designed La Chaise for a competition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, inspired by “Floating Figure”, a sculpture by Gaston Lachaise

1964_ Jerry Johnson leather and walnut sling chairs

2012_ finn juhl poster_all of the chairs and sofas were all hand drawn

Legendary Louis Vuitton Trunks

1955_ speaker SK 2 / PC 3-SV for Braun + Eichler by Rams + Wagenfeld + Muller

1955_ swivel wood chair by hans wegner

1986_ the thinking man’s chair designed by jasper morrison for cappellini

1956_ tulip chairs by eero saarinen

1953_ office armchair in aluminium by jean PROUVE

1976_ the Beaubourg Chair was conceived by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano and the final form was created by Michel Cadestin and Georges Laurent

1928_ swivel ARMCHAIR 302 B / LC7 by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret

1945_ ARMCHAIR MODEL 45 by finn juhl

1951_ The Gala armchair in rattan designed by Franco Albini

1963_ Radio ” cube” model TS 502 desing by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper

1953_ PP 250 The valet chair by hans wegner

1969_ floor lamp “Tenagli” by Francesco Buzzi Ceriani

1960_ paradise sofa by Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist

1947_ An early prototype for another Saarinen masterpiece, the Womb Chair / Model No. 70

1960_ 606 Universal Shelving System by VITSOE by Dieter Rams

1950_ Flag Halyard by Hans Wegner

1965_ Bird Chairs by Preben Fabricius and Jorgen Kastholm

2009_ “sc” bag for louis vuitton designed by sofia coppola

1955_ rocking chair by gio ponti

1950_ Standard lamp by Jacques Adnet

1946_ School Desk by jean prouvé

1965_ chair by gio ponti

1955_ fj Sideboard design by FINN JUHL

1946_ rocking chair outdoor design by WALTER LAMB

1959_ Hans G. Conrad for Braun pavillion

1961_ Sgarsul by Gae Aulenti

1951_ armchair “baker” by finn juhl

1960_ lounge chair by FRANCO CAMPO AND CARLO GRAFFI

1961_ RT 20 tischsuper radio by Dieter Rams for Braun

1970_”teti” lamp by vico magistretti

1952_ “easy” armchair by Pierre Jeanneret

1975_ floor lamp “sintesi terra” by ernesto gismondi

1956_ MADEMOISELLE LOUNGE CHAIR by Ilmari Tapiovaara

2004_ “Wooster” upholstery fabric by Kvadrat Designed by Georgina Wright

1950_ Pair of Boomerang lounge chairs by Peter Hvidt & Orla Moelgaard Nielsen, Denmark

1954_ anthony chair by jean prouve

1950_ hermès travel bag

1930_ folding chair by Jean Prouvé with Pierre Missey

1948_ longue chair by maurice martine

1950_ round mirror with leather brass hinges_Adnet mirror by Jaques Adnet

1946_ sofa 4600 designed by finn juhl. Inspired by Henry More.

1950_ Period Lampstand BY jacques adnet

1962_ Stylus Force Gauge BY Dieter Rams

1930_ Standard Chair BY JEAN PROUVE

1950_ LAMP IN Black Metal base with red-lacquered cone BY Vittoriano Vigano

1975_ Paire of table lamp model “cuffia” aluminum by Francesco Buzzi Cerina

1952_ Sofa set and chairs by Pierre Jeanneret_ Wood and cowskin

1930_ Armchair “Grand Repos” by Jean PROUVE


Layers Vineyard Large by Maharam upholstery fabric de Kvadrat designed by Hella Jongerius

1950_ potence lamp by Jean Prouvé in collaboration with Charlotte Perriand for Prouvé’s Tropique house


1960_ T2 by dieter rams for braun

1960_ PC 3 – SV by dieter rams for braun_packaging

1960_ PC 3 – SV by dieter rams for braun


1952_ the Adjustable wall lamp by Le Corbusier_open below

1952_ the Adjustable wall lamp by Le Corbusier

1941_ Poeten sofa and 1940_The Pelikan Lounge Chair by finn juhl

1960_ the Kangourou lounge chair by Pierre Jeanneret_back

1960_ the Kangourou lounge chair by Pierre Jeanneret

1950_ the potence lamp by Jean Prouve in collaboration with Charlotte Perriand for Prouves Tropique house

1944_ three legged chair by charles eames at moma

1940_ the pelikan lounge chair by finn juhl

1955_ 2.55 by chanel_fabrication