2 years ago, I travelled to Japan, and I was very impressed about their culture, their art, their porcelain works, everything…., and today, I want to talk about Naotsugu Yoshida, and his work, which has been a revival to those days over there. His work and himself show a lot of character, you will see….


How did you realize that what you wanted to do is to create objects with your hands?
While I majored in Design, something didn’t feel right and I didn’t know why.
Then I had an opportunity to do pottery by chance.
I was impressed that I was able to make something from start to finish by myself.


Was it hard when you begun it?
In the beginning, the most difficult thing was shaping the clay.


Is it easy to begin in ceramic world in a country like Japan?
I was in an artistic environment at university,
so there were many people around me who grew up in families that had pottery businesses.
Because I saw so many people able to do pottery, my thinking was that it would be easy.

Through your images working, it seems that you work alone, do you enjoy it?
Freedom, not being bound to anything.

Any inspiration from European ceramists?
In my opinion, there are no really significant differences from typical Japanese working style.
The types of ceramics I’m most inspired by are European, Asian, African, and also Japanese.

Your objects are white or black, colors do not take part of your work in porcelain as an important issue, which is the reason for that?
I think that it’s best to look at each of my works as a whole, regardless of its size or color.
If you see it as one unit, you’ll see the simplicity of its color and structure.

Your designs are all handmade, so each piece is unique, do you make any mark to recognize your designs?
When I make a work, I want to express myself.
My ideas often come from deep in my subconscious.
They don’t happen in a flash, like a Jack-in-the-box moment, but gradually develop.
An idea takes shape along with the clay.
I try making as much as possible as a way to express myself.
For example, If ten people were to make the same thing, such as a bowl, they would all be similar, but would all have slight differences.
In these cases, person’s true personality stands out in the differences with other people.
I believe there is a deep rooted nature in all of us beyond our human personalities which we have no control over, maybe ingrained in our genomes.
If i can express this nature, I’m sure that I can make really universal work that touch on deep levels.
Therefore, my works can’t be easily distinguished, but it would be an ideal to have a signature characteristic to my works.

Do you design all your objects before you begin to create them? Or you have the idea in mind, and you just work with the material?
I don’t sketch out my ideas beforehand.
I think about a rough image and I start to make it according to the image in my mind’s eye.

Which would be your ideal project?
I hope people from all over the world can see my artwork.

What is beauty for you?
I don’t have the words to be able to explain it well.
So I want to express it with my works.

Do you spend time in your work to publications or other media to make yourself know and increase sales, or you have someone to help you?
I don’t recommend my works to the media and I don’t have any sponsors.
Ceramic art is widely recognized in Japan.
It’s possible to hold an exhibition and sell my works myself.

Which is the most difficult thing in your work?
I want to make the things which I imagine, as close as possible to my idea.

Which one has been your biggest success?
There is really nothing in particular…
Being born !!??

Which is your biggest dream for the future?
I want to hold a private exhibition in famous galleries…
I want my works to very popular…
I have hope…
But if one of my work is on the roadside, a person who is not interested in art and ceramics might pick up it unexpectedly.
If such a thing will happen, I will be very happy!!


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