1964_ ‘Karuselli’ armchair by YRJÖ KUKKAPURO

1960_ ‘ox’ chair de hans wegner

1951_ SIDE CHAIR ‘MODEL 658’ designed by ROBIN DAY

1962_ ‘RZ62’ easy chair by Dieter Rams


1935_ ‘bonaparte’ armchair by eileen gray

2012_ seats designed by muller van severen

1952_ reclining chair by robin day

1957_ armchair ‘Diagramma’ designed by Ignazio Gardella

1960_ armchair ‘San Luca’ by Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, fabricated first by Gavina, then Knoll International until1969 and then Bernini from 1990

1970_ ‘Symetrical’ rocking armchair by Jean-Michel Sanejou

1951_ chair ‘OEUF’ by JEAN ROJÈRE

1950_ Armchairs by Gianfranco Frattini

1955_ armchair by Hans Bellmann from Collection Sitwell

1951_ ARMCHAIR ‘Visiteur type Tropique n°351’ by jean prouve

1949_ armchair model FJ49A by Finn Juhl produced by Niels Vodder

1958_ Rocking Chair model 599 by Fredrik Kayser

1959_ ‘Holmekollen’ lounge chair designed by Arne Tidemann Ruud

1950_ Lounge chair by Møre Lenestolfabrikk

1954_ armchair ‘tokyo’ by CHARLOTTE PERRIAND

1960_ armchairs by jean royere

1936_ armchair ‘400’ designed by alvar aalto

1958_ armchair byR.CHARROY edited by mobilor

1948_ ‘Visiteur FV 22’ or ‘Kangourou’ armchair by Jean PROUVé

1954_ D70 reversible seat sofa By osvaldo borsani

1953_ ‘Japan chair’ – A Pair of Finn Juhl Model 137 Japan Lounge Chairs in Teak + Brass

1929_ ARMCHAIR ‘BIBENDUM’, BY eileen gray FOR e-1027 HOUSE


1942_ copper chair & ottoman BY WALTER LAMB

1928_ ‘LC2 Grand Confort’ ARMCHAIR BY Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand & Pierre Jeanneret

1928_’B35′ armchair by marcel breuer

1956_ ‘Kosmos’ side chair by Augusto Bozzi for Saporiti

1950_ armchair by franco albini and franca helg

1950_ armchair by franco albini and franca helg

1950_ ‘hunting’ chair by Børge Mogensen made by Erhard Rasmussen

1955_ ‘PK22’ chair by Paul Kjaerholm

1929_ tamara de lempicka studio designed by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens

1958_ Eve chair and Fig Leaf ottoman by Kerstin Horlin-Holmquist

1939_ ‘Reclining Chair’ by Jean Prouvé & Jules Leleu

1927_ table extensible by charlotte perriand and swivel chair B302-LC7 by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret

1959_ ‘The Tre Pezzi’ armchair designed by Franco Albini

1984_ ‘san carlo’ sofa and armchair by Achille Castiglioni by Diadre. Re-edition by Tacchini 2010

1964_ Armchair by Gio Ponti

1950_ Rare Lounge Chair with Ottoman by Gio Ponti

1929_ Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at Barcelona international Exposition

1951_ armchair by Franco Campo and Carlo Graffi

1948_ Métropole Visiteur FV12 armchair by jean prouvè

1953_ office armchair in aluminium by jean PROUVE

1945_ ARMCHAIR MODEL 45 by finn juhl

1951_ The Gala armchair in rattan designed by Franco Albini

1947_ An early prototype for another Saarinen masterpiece, the Womb Chair / Model No. 70

1950_ Flag Halyard by Hans Wegner

1965_ chair by gio ponti

1952_ “easy” armchair by Pierre Jeanneret

1930_ Armchair “Grand Repos” by Jean PROUVE

1939_ fauteuil de salon by Jean Prouvé

1962_ Dieter Rams Vitsoe 620 armchair for Vitsoe