1965_ Lamp sculpture by André Borderie

1923_’Bird in Space’ by Constantin Brancusi

1970_ stoneware by HANS COPER

1927_ spherical vase by BORIS LACROIX

1950_ Wall clock pottery by KIENZLE

1953_ Vase ‘molaire’ by Georges Jouve

1960_ glazed earthenware designed by André Borderiecoupe

1962_ coffee table by André Borderie

1950_ glazed ceramic table lamp by ANDRE-ALETH MASSON

1964_ Paros model L by enzo mari

1970_ stoneware by hans coper

1946_ ‘Town and Country’ Salt and pepper shakers by Eva Zeisel, for Red Wingc, better known as the ‘Shmoo’

1950_ ‘tête à lumière’ glazed earthenware designed by André Borderie

1940_ pottery by eva zeisel

2011_ PORCELAIN LAMP by WM/Design studio

1950_ elements in glazed clay by André Borderie

1957_ Vase ‘Galet’ by GEORGES JOUVE

1984_ bathroom of Morgans Hotel, NYC, by Andrée Putman

1962_ ceramic design by ÉLISABETH JOULIA, by Magen H Gallery

2012_ log bowls by Doha Chebib Lindskoog for Loyalloot

1964_ ‘Paros’ designed by Enzo Mari

1955_ glazed ceramic by GEORGES JOUVE

1960_ Accolay lamp by accolay pottery

2000_ ceramics by kajsa Cramer