‘So benumbed are we nowadays by electric lights that we have become utterly insensitive to the evils of excessive illumination’ (In Praise of Shadows by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki).

Following this philosophy, GRU Lamp provides moveable light that illuminates only what is necessary, eliminating the need for harsh neon lighting filling every corner of a room.



The integral design inspiration for GRU Lamp is the crane, its arm swivels to move and relocate objects to the desired location. In the same way, and with minimal effort, GRU Lamp moves and relocates light specifically to the user’s needs, against the wall, above the bed or over a table so the light can be shared. In this way GRU Lamp provides flexibility by facilitating collaborative work or study, as well as individual contemplation or reading.




The lamp is constructed out of 20 X 50 mm and 50 X 50 mm pieces of solid oak wood. The electric wire is concealed in a groove running along the upper part of the wooden arm. The lamp is also available in lacquer finishes of varying colours depending on the required aesthetic, providing flexibility in design as well as flexibility in use. One of the wooden elements of the lamp is fixed to the wall and has a metal pole that runs vertically through it acting as a hinge. The lamp is carefully weighted to facilitate smooth movement through this hinge with a full range of 2400 mm.