This Friday I present you to Kajsa Cramer, she works surrounded with the white color of the porcelain and surrounded also with the nature where she lives, that is wherefrom she gets inspiration for her designs.

You used to work as an interior design, and I suppose that your hobby was ceramics, how do you get to know that you want to give up interior design and dedicate yourself primarily to work with clay? Was it a hard decision or you think that right now your work is also a part of interior design?

I had clay as a hobby for 15 years and always a secret dream of working on this full time. When I was on maternity leave with my third child, I got a pause to think about what I wanted to work with in the future.
I saw that I could combine ceramics with my experience as an interior designer. (I’ve also been running my own interior design store and worked as a florist and stylist) Today I sell to lifestyles stores because I want my pottery in these contexts.

So you created ‘Kajsa Cramer ceramics’, what type of enterprise is it?
‘Kajsa Cramer ceramics’ is a company that wants to make everyday life more beautiful with my products. I am also very careful with that all production is responsible for our planet and for the people who live here. I try keeping this in mind in my everyday life.

Was it hard when you begun it?
I started very quietly but I am very impatient and want things to go fast. Then I think after and realize that everything takes time. I have a lot of help from my husband who is an art director at an advertising agency. He has developed my visual identity and all photography.

Have you ever discouraged?
It´s a hard work but I love it. I never discouraged.

Through your images working, it seems that you work alone, and that you really enjoy it, is it what you were looking for?
Working alone is not a problem for me. I have contact with customers and exhibit at various trade shows where I meet lot of interesting people.

How do you define your work?
It should feel that my products are handmade. I combine the stylish porcelain clay with naive forms which is an exciting clash. The various items will also be used for many different things. A votive can be a pot. A vase can be a candle holder; a cup can be a bowl.

Did you work with different types of clay before choosing porcelain clay?
In school, I have worked with stoneware and always been advised not to use porcelain because it is the hardest clay. But after many years I had a very inspiring teacher who helped me. And after that it was only porcelain clay.

You create very nice lamps with your ceramics, due to the transparency of porcelain clay. Was it casual or you were looking for it?
Porcelain clay is known to be transparent so it is natural to use the clay for lamps.

One think that is amazing, is that each of your piece is a unique piece, and you really want to reflect that it is handmade. Return to the past?
I want you to feel the mud and understand it in all stages. When it is wet, when dry and when it is finished glazed.

Colors do not take part of your work as an important issue, which is the reason for that?Why you do not apply nature colors in your work?
Using only the clay color so you get a completely different understanding of the mud. I also want to get away from the heavy dark the expression as much of the ceramic stand for.

Which ones are your sources of inspiration? Are you influenced by anyone?
It sounds like a cliché, but I take a lot of inspiration from my dog walking in the forest. I live close to nature and live with the seasons. But I also love to read fashion magazines and interior design magazines. Here I keep track of trends and my competitors.

Which would be your ideal project?
I would love to be a part of the development of ceramics for example, restaurant or hotel.

What is beauty for you?
Beauty to me is pure materials, real craftsmanship and when the perfect get a spot. Something that excites the eye. I also like the different types of surfaces that nature has created. For example, the stone sharp surface moss soft matted surface.

Tell us, how a normal day in your work is?
A normal day, I work 8-16 in my workshop. I work with clay, packing supplies, responding to emails, writing invoices, paying bills and planning new products.

Do you spend time in your work to publications or other media to make yourself know and increase sales, or you have someone to help you?
I’m with the furnishings trade show for professionals twice a year. Visitors are also from the media and they have brought to my attention.

Which is the most difficult thing in your work?
Combining business with my vision, and that it is difficult to find enough time because there are so many different jobs and I am alone in my business. It is also difficult to find the right sales channels.

Which is what you like more from your work?
I love all the possibilities and that I control my own time. Likes to create Concept and collections ranging from products to marketing

Which one has been your biggest success?
Fortunately, all my products received well but maybe it’s my votive with the jagged edge.

What is your biggest dream for the future?
My biggest dream for the future is that I can create products in other materials such ‘Kajsa Cramer ceramics’ becomes a brand in home furnishings. fabric to tableware, candles to light the lantern. BUT I hasten slowly!


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