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What I love about our this interviews, is meeting people who are passionate about their work,
and bring up works that we wouldn’t necessarily think of, but that can be so fascinating!! Today I introduce you to Barbara Veselá and her geological plans!!!

I really like the pair of shoes that you have made with the concept of geological plans, How do you define your work?
*as inquisitive, playful with essence of traditional craft.

When did you begin your own business? Hard?
*to be honest I am just on the beginning. It is not easy but it is exciting.

You fabricate each piece by hand, so each piece is a unique piece; do you mark them in some way?
*there will be a certain amount of these shoes each pair marked with unique number embossed on the sole.

For whom you fabricate these pieces? Do you ever imagine the final client?
* they are for people who can afford to appreciate unique product. If there is a chance of adjusting the final product for specific client I happily do so, because I know how a little change can make a big difference.

How long takes to create a pair of shoes?
* It depends what kind of shoes and what you take as a starting point. In case we are talking about the one made of many small pieces then there is about one week of intense labor but some things needs to be prepared ahead and is not a made to measure pair.

Are you working on developing other models, apart form the one you show in your web?
* yes I am, I have some new ideas, but most of my time recently goes into sorting out business issues.

Do you work by your own ?
*yes, at this moment is only me.

How your ideas come up? Which ones are your sources of inspiration?
* I would say everyday life, looking at things around closely or from different angle and shoemaking world on it’s own.

Are you influenced by anyone?
*no, as far as I know.

Do you spend time in your work to publications or other media to make yourself know and increase sales, or you have someone to help you?
* From what I have experienced so far is that film is very powerful medium, people likes to see what’s behind the product, when done well and published on online platforms will definitely increase interest.

Which would be your ideal project?
* The one I would have plenty of time and capital for to develop it and the one everyone would love and desire.

Tell us how a normal day in your work is
* Because there are so many different stages and roles involved in what I do is difficult to describe a normal day. But nearly every day I spend some time at the workshop and on emails, plus running around and sorting some minor things out.

What is beauty for you?
*an uplifting experience

What is the most difficult and the one you like more in your work?
* most difficult is how restrictive is shoe construction in consideration to its function and price.
* I like how strong relationship one can have with its own shoes.

Which one has been your biggest success?
*finding out wide audience likes what I do and nomination for Discovery of the Year by Czech Grand Design Awards 2013

What is your biggest dream for the future?
*To have fulfilling life in all aspects.

Any advice?
* Smile


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