1950_ Armchairs by Gianfranco Frattini

1955_ armchair by Hans Bellmann from Collection Sitwell

1934_ modernist armchairs produced by SIDAM – ateliers de Stéphane Jasinski-

1968_ armchairs model ‘Osaka’ designed by Emiel Veranneman

1958_ Rocking Chair model 599 by Fredrik Kayser

1959_ ‘Holmekollen’ lounge chair designed by Arne Tidemann Ruud

1935_ chair designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld for Metz en Zo

1955_ armchairs designed by Joseph-André Motte

1953_ armchair 660 by Pierre GUARICHE

1951_ ‘Egg’ Chairs, model no.813 by Ico & Luisa Parisi

1925_ armchair designed by Maurice Dufrene

1960_ armchairs by jean royere

1963_ A pair of Harp chairs designed by Jørgen Høvelskov and produced by Christensen & Larsen,

1958_ armchair byR.CHARROY edited by mobilor

1948_ ‘Visiteur FV 22′ or ‘Kangourou’ armchair by Jean PROUVé

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