Interior Design Student Residence

0_recepcion front view

0_recepcion interior

_1 Patio gim + meeting

_1 Patio gim frontal

_1 Patio meeting + studio + multimedia

_1 patio multimedia room oana

_1 render interior 1

_1 render interior 2

_1 render interior 3

p +5 terraza oana (1)

p +5 terraza oana (2)

p +8 02 sin sillas oana

p +8 04 noche oana

Project: competition
Client: LIFE
Site: Sant Adrià del Besòs
Architecture: POLO & MDBA
Interior Architecture: MDBA
Main architects: Maria Díaz
Collaborators: Iosune Martin, Oana Birovescu, Sofia Simioni, Dominika Roszyk


9_cuboflex OrbitY1 4_jgc


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