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ANA KRAŠ was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and she moved to New York, where she continues with her designs, and here we present you their great ‘Bonbon’ lamps.

How do you define your work?

There is no definition really. I work in a few different fields, and in each i try to make simple things.

How did you begin? Was it hard?
I started working after i finished my university.
I work a lot, sometimes it is hard, of course, but i enjoy even the hard parts of it.

Have you ever discouraged?
No. I do struggle sometimes and things seem to be unmanageable to organize, especially when it comes to furniture production but nothing makes me question doing what i do.

Which would be your ideal project? Do you have such one?
So many. I would love to do the design of a public place, a hotel or a school, and a swimming-pool.
Lately I’m dreaming of doing large stone sculptures, too.

How your ideas come up? Which ones are your sources of inspiration? Are you influenced by anyone?
I mostly think of what i would like to make and how i would make it as i am waking up, then i write it down or draw a simple something as a reminder.

Have you ever had a mentor that has supported and guided you?
I do have one mentor, but it’s much more of a general guidance, it’s not about my work.

Which is the philosophy of your firm?
I like to make simple things that will make someone happy while being used, there’s not much of a philosophy behind my work.

What is beauty for you?
Anything. I am very attracted to ugly things, as i prefer them over the very beautiful ones.

Tell us how a normal day in your work is
At a normal day, i spend from 8-14 hours in my studio working.
There is just enough time to get a spicy tuna bowl at soy downstairs but other than that, no other activities.

Which is the most difficult from your work?
Organizing the production of my furniture pieces, and the business part of it.

Which is what you like more from your work?
Making things with my two hands.

Which one has been your biggest success?
I stood up on my first wave when i tried to surf for the very first time.
I am still blown away by that success.


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